About Us

Tiffany Essentials is built on the foundation with the intent to help people. The founder, Tiffany Ellison, is an advocate for mental health and self-care. Tiffany's temperament clearly states that she is a server at heart and she will do whatever she can to help others. After years of understanding and finding herself she has come to terms to be who she is called to be.
Designed by God from the inside and out. She aims to help encourage and uplift people in any way she can. With guidance and support she has been able to overcome mental health issues and has the desire to help other overcome mental health issues as well. 
Tiffany is one of a kind and has many gifts and talents to share with everyone she comes in contact with. As she has become apart of an awesome tribe with family that gives the ultimate support and love she has been able to start her brand in less than a few months. Overcoming fear and many obstacles she is able to present her brand and share with the world the changes she has made. 
Self-care is essential to positive mental health along with some other great techniques to follow. Self-care has been the main focus in the creation of Tiffany Essentials as much as we all work hard daily, the importance of self-care is needed to be known by everyone. Positive mental health will generate confident, successful people who walk in their authentic selfs being who they were called to be.

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